Pamela Spurvey is a recovery life skills coach with Edmonton Drug Treatment Court, a restorative practice alternative to prison for those who have been convicted of a drug offense related to their addiction. As a recovery coach (and certified Peer Supporter) Pam uses her own remarkable recovery experience to help women find their way to wellbeing and healthy parenting after addiction. She is someone who knows first-hand the positive outcomes of the Drug Treatment Court program and brings her Indigenous perspective (and her sense of humour) to walk side by side with those facing the tough work of recovery. As a peer supporter worker with ten years experience, Pam knows the difference between helping someone and empowering them and her insights are helpful for anyone trying to support someone else’s recovery journey.

This fourth podcast marks the end of the initial series which has been entirely funded by Sue Huff, the host/producer of I’m Speaking Podcast. To continue these podcasts, Sue will be looking for sponsors, supporters, and funders. If you are interested in helping out, please email

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